Our Academics

P.S. 56Q Believes that our fundamental essence is to encourage lifelong learning: 

In order for our environment to enable staff and students to creatively flourish academically and socially, our staff will bring an open mind regarding classroom structure, curriculum, learning style, and teaching style to each teaching moment. Students and staff will learn through collaboration.  Engagement will be founded on student choices and interests in a student directed environment.  We believe that parents and staff need to fully support each child's education. 

Literacy - Open book


Literacy will be taught school - wide periods 3 and 4.  In an effort to meet the needs of all students, we will be organizing readings instruction and groups school - wide. All students have been assessed and the results have been analyzed by teacher teams.  Students will be grouped by academic strengths and needs informed by the STARS assessment, Fountas and Pinnell reading levels, and teacher observation.  Students can work with teachers other than their homeroom teacher for the literacy periods.  Students have been carefully matched to a program and a teacher so that all instruction is in their Zone of Proximal Development. We believe this will allow for the maximum opportunity for intellectual growth. 

Writing Curriculum - Boy writing


The English Language Arts Curriculum for Grade 3,4, and 5 is divided into eight week modules as follows: 

Becoming a Close Reader and Writing to Learn

Narrative Writing

Researching to Build Knowledge and Teaching Others

Informational Writing

Considering Perspectives and Supporting Opinions

Opinion Writing

Gathering Evidence and Speaking to Others

Opinion Writing

Girl doing math


Go Math!

All classes grades 2,3,4, and 5 implement the Go Math Program.

Go Math! Lessons are designed to fully facilitate conceptual development, as students work from introduction to mastery of each content standard listed in the Common Core. Throughout the lessons, students will use manipulatives, models, quick pictures, and symbols as they apply Mathematical Practices to build understanding. Students are expected to actively engage in reasoning during instruction, so they are prepared to transition from concept or skills comprehension to solving problems in contextual situations.  

Class - Science Experiments


Vocabulary is essential to success in understanding science concepts not just passing a science test.  A packet of science Vocabulary Cards is given to each student at the beginning of each new science unit.  It is highly recommended (though optional) that these cards be constructed into a flip book study tool to ensure mastery of these challenging science - specific words.  If done as homework, the flip book accounts for 20% of the report card science grade and assessments 40%. If not, assessments account for 60%. Either way the vocabulary must be mastered. 

Student Playing Guitar


Each grade will be learning to sing, play  instruments and read music notation. In second grade, students will play percussion instruments.  In third grade, students will play the recorder and have a project on their own personal musical culture.  In fourth and fifth grade, students will learn to play the guitar.  In fourth grade, students will have a project on American folk music.  In fifth grade, students will have to write a biography on a classical composer. Additionally, students will learn about the history and cultural aspect of music.   

Holiday - Glee Performance

Glee Club

The Glee Club is a vocal performance group that meets for one period twice a week and performs for the school as well as for the community. The 4th and 5th grades are in separate glee clubs. The 5th grade glee club had a winter show in perform in December. The 4th grade glee will prepare a spring show and perform in June.  Students interested in participating must audition. During auditions, Mr. Forde will observe the student's pitch, rhythm, expression, and behavior.  

Honor Roll Criteria

Honor Roll Criteria

As a means of honoring academic achievement, we institute a Student Honor Roll in grades 2 through 5. This occur twice a year with the March and June report cards. 

Students earn a place on the honor roll on the basis of the following criteria:

HONOR ROLL - Consistent work on or above grade level in all subject areas.

CERTIFICATE OF MERIT - For students who made significant progress or an extra effort to improve their work and grades in any area.*

*Placement to any Honor Roll category is dependent upon a grade of satisfactory or better in conduct and homework. 

The major subject areas are Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Classroom Participation