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Absence Policy  

Daily attendance in school is a legal obligation and an educational responsibility.  When children are absent they are required to bring in a doctor's note or  written letter from the parent explaining the absence.  Extended absences require documentation, such as doctor's note. Even in an emergency situation children will not be excused or given permission for permission for extended absences to visit other countries.  ​
Absences impact negatively your child's education: 

  • Students miss out on important learning material. 
  • Excessive unexcused absences in some cases may be considered educational neglect (schools are state mandated to report cases of educational neglect) 
  • Excessive absences impact school funding. 
  • Children are expected to attend half days of school.
Extended Vacations and Travel

 Extended vacations and family travel are not acceptable absences. Students must be in attendance every day until the start of the holiday or holiday break.  Children will be marked absent during such failure to attend school.  Attendance is a requirement for promotion to the next grade.


 Note: Children will NOT be provided with homework during extended absences unless medically documented.  The work that the teachers and the children do each day in school is valuable and cannot be equated to a few worksheets.  Please honor the work that your child and the staff do by ensuring that your child attends school each and every day, including half days.


PS 56Q - Attendance Brochure 

Attendance Flyer


Student Medication/504 Forms


504 - Nurse is not allowed to dispense medication unless she has this form on file. 

If your child's doctor informed you that your child needs medication at school, a 504 form needs to be filled out and given to the school nurse.  The medication needed also needs to be given to the school nurse with the doctor's instructions.  The 504 form needs to be updated and filled out EVERY year.  


Any questions, please contact our School Nurse, Ms. Yelena Kafarskaya at 718-441-4448 Ext. 2510